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The Indoctrination of Canadian Media

“Facts require no objectivity. Facts are facts. Truth is truth.”- Juweria

When you compare Canada to the US on many issues, Canada always appears to be doing significantly better than our neighbours down south. This sometimes skews how we perceive ourselves as a country. This reality also overinflates our self-righteousness. Canada is still hella racist. Don’t get it twisted.

News media’s primary purpose is to inform the public on all issues that concern citizens; everything else is secondary.

Bias in the news media is nothing new; in fact, many people are aware news can be biased. The bias that concerns the public is often linked with politics, like whether a news story is favouring the right or the left.

There is room for bias regarding certain issues.

There’s a trend of Canadian news media neutrally reporting on certain issues that have clear ethical boundaries. In instances of violent crimes, safety and security, and issues that cause infringements on human rights, there shouldn't be any bias. The information the public needs to know should be presented in a clear and linear manner.

We have observed that Canada often does not bring forth opposing views on polarizing issues; the stories are often presented in a similar way including the headlines, and with no distinct opposing views. No opposition leaves the reader to think there aren’t other points of views.

In comparison to the US—where the nation is clearly divided and the political climate is quite hot—we see many examples of clear opposing viewpoints and many different perspectives regarding the country’s current affairs. On one end of the spectrum you have Fox News and on the opposite end, there is Democracy Now.

Below are examples of how Canadian news media chose to headline and report violent incidents that took place in 2017 and 2018.

This headline is about the deadly shooting that took place in Quebec in January of 2017. The perpetrator was white and this terrorist attack left 6 people dead and 19 people injured.

The headline below is about the van attack that took place later on that same year. The perpetrator was black and Muslim and this attack injured 5 people with 0 casualties.

Can you spot the difference?

Here are more examples comparing the two incidents:

What do you notice about the following two images? (Hint: look at the pictures used).

Killed 10 people, injured 16.

Injured 5 people. Killed 0.

The main issue is not the facts presented; it is how the facts are presented. The problem is sometimes deeper. It is what is being said. What is being omitted. How headlines are framed. What pictures are used.

News media is not reliable. It is our responsibility to seek out all the facts to the best of our ability to help us understand the full story. We recognize it’s an inconvenience—especially when it’s the job of journalists to inform us—but it is necessary so we can stay aware and educated.

Readers, be vigilant when reading the news. Don’t be mindless consumers. Question everything.

Always remember, there are many sides to many stories.

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