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Terrorist Attack in New Zealand Mosques| 49 dead, 48 wounded

"A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist" - us

White supremacist terrorists targeted and killed 49 worshippers in two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand during Jum’ah (Friday) prayer and wounded 48 others. The terrorist responsible for the mass shootings directly affecting the lives of nearly a hundred people is a 28-year-old white Australian named Brenton Tarrant. The terrorist live-streamed on social media the massacre. The attacker and a couple of armed terrorists were taken into custody as well as 3 men and a woman in relation to the attack.

The aftermath of the terrorist attack is still unfolding and new information is being updated hourly.

The deadly attack immediately became international news; here is a sample of how majority of the news outlets framed their headlines:

It is alarming for the media’s unwillingness and refusal to call terrorist attacks carried out by white men a terrorist attack. The labels ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism’ has been exclusively reserved for attackers of Muslim identity while white supremacist violent extremists has been on a rise throughout Europe and Western nations.

All terrorism is not condemned, only the non-white ones.

During this extremely difficult time, we are extending our condolences and praying for all the victims, the wounded, and their families.

In our hearts are also the victims of:

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Quebec Mosque terrorist attack 2017 claiming the lives of 6 and wounded 19

London terrorist attack 2017 claiming the lives of 11 and wounded 48

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