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29-year-old Arizona woman raped while in vegetative state gave birth

“News media really sucks.”- us

29-year-old Arizona woman—a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe—who was in a vegetative state for 14 years, was raped then gave birth on Dec. 29.

Here’s how many news media outlets chose to headline this rape case:

These headlines are written as if the birth was a miracle...like the birth of Jesus. It takes the reader a moment to fully comprehend that there is something wrong.

The headline does not give a hint that the birth was a result of rape, and a perpetrator not being mentioned takes away the severity of the situation...like the pregnancy just happened.

Here, these headlines use words like "apparently assaulted," "alleged assault," and "allegedly gave birth."

How do you allegedly give birth if there is proof of a baby?

How do you allegedly get assaulted? You either were assaulted or not.

The words "apparently" and "allegedly" are being misused in these headlines, because there's actual evidence that the crime did happen.

If there was a suspected perpetrator, then the words "apparently," and "allegedly" would have been appropriate pending proof.

These types of headlines put doubt in readers as if the attack never took place.

Because the words "police" and "investigations" are in these headlines, it gives the reader a clue that a crime took place. However, these headlines still steer away from using concrete words like "sexual assault," or "rape."

These headlines indirectly and implicitly tell us that the woman was raped and as a result gave birth. This prompts the question, what is the purpose of framing headlines like this?

This headline almost seems celebratory. At first glance, the reader can't recognize that there is a problem, in fact, it seems like a miracle.

A woman who has been in a vegetative state for over a decade was raped and becomes pregnant, yet somehow her pregnancy goes unnoticed despite "round the clock care," until she gave birth.

This tragic story was grossly reported and is unacceptable. It is an insult to readers' intelligence.

A human being was grossly violated while unconscious, and the people responsible to tell her story did her a great disservice.

We will continue to monitor this story as more evidence come to light.

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